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None of us retire the same way but the one thing that follows all of us into retirement are

“The Taxes”

Many of us are now semi-retired or fully retired and we find that our goals and aspirations have changed from when we were younger raising families and developing careers. Most of us no longer have to be-at-work every day. Some of us work part time at a job, in a small business, managing our investments, managing real estate holdings, volunteering our talents to help others. The list is endless. But the one thing we all have in common is that we now find ourselves away from the daily turbulence with less demands on us. We are free to do other things. We have progressed and earned a new life style!

And one thing that has quietly changed the most is the way we need to approach our tax obligations. Retirees and Semi-Retirees have unique tax situations that demand unique solutions, tailor made to each person’s individual situation. We’ve worked hard, we’ve saved and invested along the way.

If your only source of income is social security, then you probably do not have a tax obligation.

However, if you have additional income from your savings, investments, annuities, pensions, real estate holdings, a small business, sale of a family home etc., then you probably do owe taxes. We know that we owe taxes and we’re ready to pay your fair share, but we want to minimize that obligation by taking advantage of the tax breaks that Congress has given us.

This is where a seasoned, licensed tax professional can best help to strategize your tax planning. To not only help you now, but help you in the future as your needs change. Someone who knows you and is familiar with your particular situation and will always act in your best interests. Someone who knows the tax laws, who will give you honest advice and guidance and someone who will be on your side….in other words, your life coach specialized in tax matters.

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