Tax Issues & Resolutions

Resolving Balances Due

If you are unable to pay your federal taxes, or you have prior federal tax liabilities, Enrolled Agents have the ability to determine your payment obligations and negotiate a fair and equitable payment arrangement with the Internal Revenue Service. The IRS is trained and will push a taxpayer towards the highest monthly payment arrangement that the IRS representative can secure from the taxpayer. The IRS knows that taxpayers are intimidated by the power that the IRS holds over taxpayers and uses that leverage to the government’s advantage. However, a payment arrangement that exceeds a taxpayer’s ability to pay, often results in a default of the payment arrangement and places the taxpayer in jeopardy of tax liens and levies. The goal of a tax professional who is experienced in these types of negotiations, is to establish a payment arrangement that is both fair to the taxpayer as well as the government.

In almost every case, clients recognize that they have an obligation to pay their taxes and really want to do that, but simply do not have the means to do so. Very often the client has had a serious incident occur to them that prevents them from being able to pay. These include financial reversals caused by no fault of the client such as the loss of a job, divorce, death of a spouse, serious illness such as cancer, stroke, heart attacks, Covid etc. It is our job to help the client regain solid footing and give them the ability to meet their tax obligations in a manner that allows them to take care of themselves and their families without undue hardship.

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