The Tax Situations for Retired
Persons Are Unique

Requiring A Tax Professional Experienced in Tax Issues for Retirees

As Seniors, we are all mindful of our incomes, and our expenses. We are no longer working the 9 to 5 routine and those battles are behind us. And we’re still very much active and now that we are free to set our own priorities, we have set new goals and aspirations for ourselves. We are harvesting the fruits of our labor.

It seems that the better we planned for our retirement in our later years, the more taxes we owe and the harder it is for us to pay those taxes in our retirement years. That is the one expense in life that we will never be rid of.

For most of us, paying taxes while we earned a paycheck was fairly easy. The taxes were withheld with each paycheck and when we filed our tax returns the following year, most of us received a tax refund. We actually looked forward to filing our tax returns and looked upon our refunds as a windfall.

And now you are retired!!! Oh my, how things can change. We dread filing our tax returns because we know that we will have a tax bill and worse yet, we have no idea how much we will owe for the taxes until the tax bill shows up.

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